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March 18, 2013   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Hemi Engines

Dodge Hemi EngineDodge first created the Hemi in the 1960s. This motor battled Ford and Chevrolet during the muscle car era. Chrysler revamped this V8 motor in the early 2000s. The Charger, Magnum, Jeep Wrangler and other vehicles in the Dodge inventory used the Hemi technology. Buying Dodge Hemi engines is one way to receive a better value. These motors offer a better replacement compared with a new motor. This enginesforsale.org resource is one of the best online to use for used engines. From initial value to long-term coverage, each preowned motor sold here makes customers happy.

There are several variants of the V8 engine series. The 5.7 is one of the most used engines in the Dodge family. This motor is rated at well above 350 hp. It has received a respectful run since 2003. What customers find purchasing our inventory is more than a cheap price. Internal inspection processes completed here help raise our quality. Customers make no mistake ordering here. These are not auction motors. Our company contracts with distributors. Each motor brought here for sale has a right to be here. The quality, mileage and overall dependability exceed installation expectations.

Dodge Hemi Engines Free Shipping

Hundreds of dollars are spent shipping a motor from one state to another. Many customers are surprised ordering an engine for the first time. Each V8 Dodge motor sold from our company is shipped free. We remove shipping costs for customers. We do this for two reasons. The first reason is quality. We sell higher quality motors. This helps us to give more incentives. The second reason is that most sellers do not remove shipping costs. We shipped free to be different. It is this type of thinking that has helped us build our company. The used engines for sale listed on this website are all sent for no cost.

Finding a Hemi engine is only half the battle. The installation is equally important. Even if mistakes are not made by mechanics, some engine types can fail after install. The inclusion of a Dodge warranty is one way we take care of these issues. Most companies forget about a warranty. Our company always secures warranties. We understand protection. Customers do not have to go through warranty troubles. Everything in our policy protects customers. Each Dodge warranty is underwritten by our company. We calculate the engine age, mileage and other factors when determining warranty length. We are usually able to provide 24 months of protection.

Dodge Hemi Engines Low Prices

We are not ashamed to promote discount prices. A low price is in no way a reflection of our quality. Pricing is simple to generate here online. One or two clicks of our quote submission form will generate the pricing requested. This means a Dodge quote can be displayed within seconds. The same speed of delivery is offered through our toll-free phone number. We pay for all calls into our company. We support every customer before and after a sale is finished. Obtaining a quote is easy and always accurate through our company.

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