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July 8, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Intrepid Engine

Dodge Intrepid Engine | Used Dodge EnginesDodge Intrepid was a big part of Chrysler for over 11 years. Since most cars get a 1 or 2 year production run, the over a decade presence of the Intrepid made it something special. The sedan market was pretty saturated in the early 1990s and many of the vehicles on the market did not last. Dodge created the Intrepid to cater to people that wanted a sedan that did not look much like a sedan. The sleek look of the Intrepid helped boost its popularity. The 2.7L engine inside of the Dodge Intrepid engine was already famous at the time. We carry these engines in our inventory because they are dependable and we price them right.

The V6 power of the 2.7L engine was partly why consumers responded well to the Intrepid. Dodge knew that most sedans on the market used the 4-cylinder engine because of its fuel benefits. The 2.7L was a fuel efficient version that offered more horsepower. Dodge had previously used this engine in the Concorde and this served as the testing grounds for the Intrepid. Chrysler did end up marketing the Intrepid in some markets around the world. The legacy of the 2.7L engine lives on each day inside of our warehouse.

OEM Quality Dodge Intrepid Engine

You can get stuck buying used engines on the Internet. We don’t like the fact that the word used engine has some negative connotations with its use. We don’t have any issues with used engines under our control. What happens is that some people find an engine online that was sold by a seller that could have cared less about quality. There are a few horror stories about the quality of used engines online but these are not related to our company. We supply businesses and average people with quality 2.7L engines for sale. In our inventory, we do have other Intrepid engines that are offered. These are also in the same condition as the 2.7L and ready to ship fast.

Dodge did put out the 3.2L and larger 3.5L engines. This are the first generation of the Intrepid although engines from 1998 and later have become more in demand. What you do not have to do is search around for a better inventory or price. We put months of planning behind each engine that is acquired for sale here. We find the best wholesalers and engine distributors in the country. We make a deal to buy a lot of engines at one time. We are able to build our inventory quickly and do it without the high cost that dealers buying single engines run into. You have an engine problem and we have the solution in our warehouse.

Dodge Intrepid Engine Price Quotes

You found our website and you want to know more about our pricing. This part is very easy. All you need to do is click the Dodge Intrepid engine quote form we use on this website. What this form does is generate your instant price. We are usually able to offer free shipping and a warranty too. You can call 888-284-3591 and get more information or a quote on the phone.



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