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November 19, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Magnum Engine

3.9 Dodge EngineDodge upgraded its engine series in the early 1990s after taking some engineering from Jeep. The newly coined Magnum engine was based on the retired LA series base. The smallest of the Magnum motors was the 3.9. This was primarily used in smaller pickup trucks that did not use the larger V8 series. We sell the Dodge Magnum engine for what we believe to be the lowest price possible online. It won’t take much work to get the low pricing you’ve been hoping to find on the Internet here at this engine website.

The Magnum series was used throughout the 1990s as one of the performance engines for Dodge. The Chrysler design and development that went into making this series what it became helped the Magnum gain popularity. The push that Dodge has made from the year 2000 until the current decade is due in part to the success of the Magnum V8 series. We’re one of few companies on the Internet today that offers preowned engines in the Magnum series for sale. It can be hard to locate a good price on these motors offline. We give our customers access to our huge inventory of preowned motors.

Dodge Magnum Engine Specs 

The specs that are part of what we sell do not get modified. The motors that are purchased and ultimately shipped out remain genuine. Since these are preowned, they’ve been pulled straight from operational vehicles. This means that they are ready for installation immediately upon receipt. We work hard inside of our facility to ensure all engines get shipped instantly after they are ordered. This effort is one of the ways that we eliminate delays in the freight transit period. We’ve experimented with incentives like free shipping for in stock motors. This is another way we’ve innovated our used engines for sale company.

You have your choice of the 3.9, 5.2 or 5.9 series engine. What comes with the one that you select is an engine warranty. We understand the process of putting together a warranty package. We also know that auction websites rarely have engines that are warranted by the seller. We do things differently because we have one of the largest Chrysler based inventories currently online. It doesn’t matter if you install these in a Durango, Jeep or other vehicle. These are guaranteed to work and they work very well. Getting used motors that can last for an extended period of time is not a rare thing here. All that is sold is warranted, shipped fast and ready for you to install upon arrival. We’re one of the top providers to body shops, mechanics and salvage related companies in the U.S.

Dodge Magnum Engine Quotes 

A quote can be obtained instantly from this website. We use a simple click form that provides pricing to you fast. Enter your information inside of the quote system. We check it immediately for errors. What you’re given in return is our lowest online price. If you call by phone, you can speak one-on-one with our engine team. You’re offered the same low pricing. Contact us right now.





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