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July 19, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Neon Engines for Sale

Dodge Neon Engines for SaleDodge Neon helped put Chrysler back on the map for quality passenger cars. Several cars came and went quickly in the Chrysler inventory. The Daytona, LeBaron, Sundance, Shadow and the Colt could not outperform the Neon. The low price of the Neon and its reliable 2.0L engine helped push its sales figures upward. We are one of the best resources online to find Dodge Neon engines for sale that are not beat up or missing parts. Our low price is something that stands for quality. If you are buying from a salvage, junkyard or warranty center, we can help place you with the Neon engine you need quickly.

The SOHC 2.0L is the base motor that is included with all Neons. An engine upgrade was offered in 1995 shortly after the Neon was produced. The size of the engine remained the same at 2.0L although a DOHC version known as the Magnum was installed. This upped the horsepower and become an alternative. Other Dodge vehicles like the Stratus used the SOHC engine as its basic engine. Notable production years for the Neon were 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2005. Most of the popularity comes from different sport models, trims and other amenities that Chrysler experimented with to entice buyers. Nevertheless we keep a good stock of used 2.0L Neon engines for sale.

Dodge Neon Engines for Sale

You can see that we take pride in selling a Neon engine. The phrase used might be linked to the engines we sell although the condition doesn’t appear to be used. We base buying Dodge engines on many quality and condition factors. We are not impressed at first with the exterior appearance of engines. We know that dirt and sludge are two things hard to avoid with almost 2-decade old engines. Our suppliers do excellent work sending us great engines to work with. Warranty issues are not something that we go through here. We believe we avoid warranty problems because we always find the lowest mileage motors that can be resold.

The cost of moving engines in and out of our warehouse is not a factor in our price. You won’t find a Neon engine here that has a shipping cost attached to it. We try to provide free shipping on most engines in our warehouse. If we can’t, our quote form will let you know. Every little extra discount helps. The standard process of selling Dodge engines means not to discount the price. Others dealers do this but we do not. We discount as much as we can from the selling price. We keep engines cheap this way. We don’t lose money since we buy multiple engines. The Neon is such an in-demand vehicle that our supply gets us busy.

Dodge Neon Engines for Sale Price Quotes 

If you’re doing a Neon engine swap or replacement, we know your time is probably limited. We have eliminated the waiting periods that so many dealers make you go through. The form on this site is how our engine price is sent out. Try it now. You will see how easy this form is for you to use 24/7. You can even call 888-284-3591. Let us set you up with a used Neon engine with a low price tag.

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