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Ford 4.9 V6 Engine

The V6 4.9 Ford engine was manufactured during the production year in 1964. This block was part of the Thriftpower Six builds that were used in early F-Series vehicles. The inline 6-cylinder is still quite a popular model that can be purchased in used condition in the United States. A person seeking prices for the Ford 4.9 V6 engine can use this website to review costs.

The first 300 cubic inch motors produced by Ford were used in the large trucks. These were carburetor motors because no fuel injection system was created until the 1980s. The first series 4.9-liter motors were able to top out at around 170 horsepower. With the entry of fuel injection, a slight decrease was noticed in the 300 or 4.9 blocks.

4.9 Replacement Dump Truck Engines

The F-Series trucks were not the only place to find the 300 V6 blocks. Trucks that were built for heavy-duty usage also relied on the larger motor blocks. Dump trucks, garbage trucks and and delivery trucks have been known to rely on the naturally aspirated 4.9-liter units. Someone buying a Ford 300 in used condition could swap out a motor in almost any large series vehicle.

Ford Motor Company stopped marketing the 300 in the year 1983 when the 4.9 was officially adopted. Compatibility with automatic and manual transmissions is one of the selling points. What is the engine that finally replaced the 4.9 inline 6? The answer is the Essex motors that were built in the 1997 year. These officially killed off the future production for the Ford 300.

There are 265 lbs of torque that is found inside of the basic 4.9 block. One reason that so many people appreciate these builds is the reliability. The average 300 cubic block can easily handle more than 300,000 miles. There are many aftermarket parts companies that still manufactured components that can be used to enhance what the Ford 4.9-liter engines offer.

How to Buy F100 300 Inline 6 Engines

Getting a block that is built to take on all levels of mileage is crucial. There is no doubt that the 4.9 is the engine of choice for many people. The high mileage count is not a problem on most used blocks found on the web for sale. What is a problem is if a retailer provides no warranty. The OEM parts are becoming more scarce and can be hard to order. A good warranty like the one provided here at will help the average buyer.

Compare 4.9L Ford 300 Prices Online

Comparison shopping is what many people like to do when they want to save money. This website provides an all-digital tool to make that a reality. To use the finder effectively, enter the make and model year of a Ford truck that takes the inline 6. The next phase is the calculation of pricing. Review what is presented and an order can be placed instantly. It is that simple to buy a used Ford 300 I6 motor.

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Buick 3.8 V6 Engine

The 3.8 has been a standard V6 build in Buick vehicles since the early 1960s. From the success of the Fireball series, a lot of confidence was born in the larger V6 blocks built at General Motors. In modern auto manufacturing, one of the most successful builds was introduced during the 1984 year. Buying a Buick 3.8 V6 engine here will always save someone money.

A front-wheel design was finally offered by General Motors in the mid 1980s. The rear-wheel cars with big V8 engines were no longer being manufactured. GM moved to the more economical sedan and coupe platform. While there was a small drop in power, the 3.8 made up for this drop with a reliable build. A period of 4 years was used to mass produce the 3.8 V6 Buick motors.

Buick 3800 Engines on Sale

The 3800 was built during the 1998 manufacturing year at General Motors. It was marketed as the performance upgrade to the regular 3.8. While the V6 size was kept, the newer MPFI system was installed to regulate the fuel delivery. The 3800 has been used in the Riviera, LeSabre, Electra, Toronado and Bonneville in the GM family apart from Buick.

There are designations of Series I and Series II 3800 V6 motors. The difference between these two are minimal although they are not swappable. Only vehicles that were produced between 1996 and 2003 are setup to accept the larger Series II V6 blocks. GM did design a Series III motor that was used for a short time in its new LaCrosse and revised Grand Prix vehicles. The displacement was unchanged at 3.8-liters.

After the production was ceased in 2008, no more 3.8 or 3800 series V6 motors were produced at General Motors. This has led to a mass shortage in the second hand industry. For someone who is lucky enough to already own a block, these can be worked on and restored to like new condition. The company still sells and supports the 3.8 or 3800 series.

Easy to Swap 3.8-Liter V6

Not every person has the money to hire a mechanic to pull and drop a motor. There is a high percentage of people who just complete the installations themselves. The smaller V6 block is probably the easiest to swap. While the motor mounts in compatible Buick vehicles are in place, there should not be any limitations for a person who wants to complete a direct 3.8 drop in.

Buy Cheap V6 3800 Buick Engines

Whether a person came here to find a standard 3.8 or Series I, II or III, each of these models are on sale daily. What it takes to compete on a national level is more than a lower than average sticker price. A decent level of warrant protection is needed. is one of the last V6 supplies of replacement Buick motors that ships blocks out without freight costs and still provides and good warranty plan. Getting a quote for a used engine is really simple here. Just provide the year and the Buick car model that needs a new engine.

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2.4 Ecotec Chevy Engine

The Ecotec is one of the I4 builds in 2.4 displacement for most Chevy vehicles. Due to GM’s new development of motors, the four-cylinder series has lacked in manufacturing in recent years. The VVT 2.4 is one of the motors still built in the United States. Someone using this website as a resource can immediately buy 2.4 Ecotec Chevy engine inventory online.

The Ecotec family of motors is part of a group of transverse blocks. With a high compression ratio of 11:2:1, the DOHC build features an improved direct injection system for fuel delivery. The new block design is linked to the Family II motors that were first experimented with in the year 1980. The Ecotec builds have been part of the future at GM since the year 2006.

LE5 2.4 Engines for Sale

The Cobalt is just one of the vehicles that have promoted the power level found in the 2.4 block. The base level horsepower has an SAE rating of 164 to 178 is most installations. Both the SS and Sport Cobalt vehicles used the Ecotec as the main block during its production years. Both GM USA and GM Europe manufacturing places emphasis on the Ecotec family.

While the block is a Generation II design, the VVT has improved the air intake in the I4 2.4 builds. Someone shopping on the web who is trying to find a good replacement will be happy to know that good condition units are available. does supply validated and inspected Ecotec used motors for consumers nationally.

Chevy I4 Motors with a Warranty

Why buy a motor with an extended warranty? Some people are under the impression that GM builds great motors that will last their lifetime. While it is true quality is high, there are zero OEM parts in existence that will last for more than a 20-year stretch. What an extended warranty program does supply a person with is the satisfaction that components can still be replaced.

While not every 2.4 Ecotec build will be offered with coverage, it is always essential to ask someone about high mileage. Any block that is listed for open sale here is already promoted with a lower than standard mileage count. This reduces the risk of problem in the future once a professional or DIY installation has been completed.

Quotes for 2.4 Chevy Ecotec Engines

A second or two is how long it will take to start reviewing price data from this website. The company has invested into a quality inventory system. Purchasing any Chevy motor second hand should be a comfortable experience. The three-click inventory tool removes any struggles to find sale pricing.

If a quote is all that is needed here, the intelligent system will inform a consumer about discounts and warranties. If someone needs extra help, calling the promoted toll-free line is a good option. True help without an obligation to buy is provided. A search of VIN data can help when matching a 2.4 RPO code.

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3.9l Pontiac V6 Engine

The LZ series motors introduced the 3.9L V6 in the Pontiac family at GM. Upgrades like VVT and a boost in horsepower provided more options for Malibu, Impala and G6 car owners. While Pontiac is no longer an active brand, this does not mean that replacement motors cannot be found. The inventory of 3.9L Pontiac V6 engine units for sale here are priced right for any budget.

There are 4 different versions of the 3.9L motors. General Motors created the High Value series in 2004 to provide more power levels to its V6 class. The LZ9 or LZ9 3900 was the first to be used in the G6 series. Both coupe and sport series cars featured the updated V6 technology. At the same time, Chevrolet cars like the Malibu SS and Chevrolet Uplander were using the 3.9-liter displacement.

LZ8 3900 V6 Engines for Sale

The LZ8 design had an improved fuel system when using in the Impala series. While the Pontiac did not feature the LZ8 3900, it is worth noting that this motor exists. The mounts for these motor platform as the dame in the coupe and sedan Pontiac motor vehicles. A swap could be conducted for this build.

An LGD 3.9 series was one of the final produced blocks that were used before the termination of Pontiac as a GM nameplate. The Pontiac Montana used this edition for a couple of years. Dual installations in Saturn and Buick vehicles helped publicize the new LGD RPO code. It was not long after this block hit the market that GM discontinued the G6 and other Pontiac cars.

Reliable 3.9-Liter VVT Engines

When someone seeks a low cost way to replace a motor, a price tag can be one of the first things that are reviewed. To some people, paying a lower price means that they are happy with what they have purchased. To a person who knows how to buy a motor, a reliable block is what really counts. Since every used Pontiac motor will have some type of pre-existing mileage, validating quality is essential.

The company is one of the retailers on the web selling 3.9 motors at a discount. While this discount is not the only incentive provided, it does alert a person swapping a motor of the immediate low sticker price. To go with the price reduction, a term of two-years is provided with each warranty plan.

Find Pontiac 3.9 V6 Engines Cheap

Purchasing on the Internet should never be too complicated. If a person shopping here is used to exploring dealers that have out of stock inventory, it will be a culture shock here. Every listed motor is in stock and will be shippable daily. The authentic GM blocks that are on hand include every original OEM component. This offers a complete motor that can be dropped into nearly any Pontiac or Chevrolet 2006 to 2011 vehicle.

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