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Kia Sportage 2.0L Engine for Sale

The F engine used in the Sportage by Kia was a Mazda built 2.0-liter I4. This model was unveiled in the 1994 year, but not available in the U.S. until a few years later. The blocks were separated into SOHC or DOHC based on the market demand. What a person searching for a Kia Sportage 2.0L engine should know is these are for sale at EnginesforSale.org.

Beta II Kia SUV Motors

An upgrade to the original platform made it possible to experiment with new technologies. Kia, along with Hyundai, began to improve the blocks in sedan and sport utility vehicles. The Beta II 2.0-liter series was commonly found in the 5-door vehicles.

The Second Generation and Third Generation Sportage was manufactured with the updated I4. The official specs reveal that three transmissions work with the Sportage engines. A regular 4-speed, a higher gear 5-speed and a 6-speed gearbox.

The Beta II versions were sold with a four-wheel drive or a front-wheel drive configuration. This is now standard on all late model editions at Kia. While the Sportage is known for a good powertrain, the used motors for sale at this website are still in top condition.

2.0L Kia Four-Cylinder

Although a V6 was later produced, consumers who end up shopping at this website have a pick of more than one block. By using a VIN number or the actual production year, what is acquired through junk yard business can be reviewed. When known, the mileage and terms of a warranty are always given to a potential buyer.

The warranty period is always a concern for a customer. In used to be standard when selling auto parts to provide a 90-day policy. To make things better for purchasers, a two-year period is generally given after orders are completed. This goes for all used Kia Sportage SUV engines.

Complete 2.0L Kia Sportage Blocks

To submit a quote request, tap into the tool displayed here. In just a matter of seconds, a the best sale price is given. This can be reviewed on this page or by test message as well. Someone with a strong intent to buy can then follow through with a web or offline purchase.

Complaints about received inventory are very few. Great control is administered when acquiring from secondary sources. Rust levels are noted and mileage is recorded. Being as honest as possible when selling replacement engines for Kia Sportage keeps people happier.

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4.0 Liter Jeep Crate Engine for Sale

The 4.0L is V6 engine used in a Jeep SUV. These can be purchased at this website. When shopping the preowned parts market, getting your hands on a quality unit is important. There are thousands of companies selling Chrysler automotive components. Price is not everything, but it does feel good to get a deal. A used 4.0 liter Jeep crate engine is for sale here online.

OEM AMC I6 Jeep Motor Specs

The 242 cubic inch displacement found in the block of the 4.0L was powerful. A total range of 177 to 190 horsepower was noticed by auto owners. AMC developed this build in the spring of 1986. An instant hit was discovered and production continued after Chrysler bought the resale rights.

Cherokee, Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee, Comanche and Wrangler all utilized the 4.0-liter. The base RPM range was 4500 although 4750 was the high mark of the performance. By the mid 1990s, the compression was hitting 8:8:1. This was a major improvement to the block.

Recycled Jeep Crate Engines

What car dealerships sell used engines? The easy answer is zero. Due to warranty problems, many dealers refuse to retail used products. This leaves a black hole for consumers. The usual method to acquire a Jeep crate motor in used condition is to contact a salvage yard. EnginesforSale.org has already completed this hard work.

Nothing listed here is refurbished. What this means is no changes were made to the stock configuration. People appreciate this fact. A preowned build that has fewer miles than most eBay or Craigslist models is what is for sale at EFS.

4.0L Jeep Cherokee Replacement Engines

Any of the mid 1980s to 2006 Jeep vehicles that use the 4.0 motor can accept inventory here. The sale pricing is right. The quality of customer service is high. No one leaves here unhappy. The best part about finding a block that has low mileage is to find out shipping is free of charge. For many companies, a lift gate service is provided.

Entering the quotes database on this website will reveal updated MSRP. Using a VIN or model year, anyone with a basic understanding of auto parts can place an order. There is no sticker shock here. People are well informed of what to pay ahead of time. By calling the service number, a rep can help process orders or distribute more information.

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Toyota Camry 2.2L Engine Used

The popular Camry by Toyota used 2.2L engine blocks in the SXV20 series. After sales were topped in the U.S., a decision was made to boost motor power. This was a welcomed change to sedan vehicle owners globally. Part of why people love the Toyota Camry 2.2L engine is because it gets good gas mileage. Used stock can be purchased here at enginesforsale.org.

5S-FE I4 Engines Specs

The 2.2-liter was improved to showcase 133 horsepower by the 1997 year. With production now taking place internationally, Toyota found another winner in the SXV20 platform. The EFI or electronic fuel injection series is quite popular. As a mid-size DOHC block, the Toyota S engines were packaged for inclusion in many similar sedan nameplates.

Compression was 9:5:1 in the standard Camry engine. These models were finally phased out for use in import cars in the 2001 year. Part of why people appreciate these editions is the easy to change out heads. Anyone rebuilding or swapping a motor can put on different headers.

The motor that was chosen to continue the legacy of the 2.2 was the Toyota 2.4. People can still complete a purchase for one or more of these assemblies on this EFS website. Reviewing specs and other data about a block will result in a much smoother purchase.

5-Speed Transmission Compatible

The majority of sales for the mid 1990s Camry cars included a 5-gear transmission. This was the consumer favorite although an automatic was also supplied. Tests conducted have confirmed an easy drop in with the manual or automatic assemblies used along with the 2.2-liter I4.

Easy ordering is what someone can expect here. The EFS acquisitions staff only takes the best blocks straight out of USA salvage yards. These companies retail foreign components. It is much simpler to buy preowned four-cylinder motors when the sources are verified.

2.2L Toyota Camry Engines Prices

Right from this very page, a procedure to calculate a discount MSRP takes place. When a vehicle ID number is unknown, a model year can be substituted. Access is given to the nationwide parts database 24/7. This means anyone can find current stock and other details.

If more information is needed, a quick call to the local number listed will do the trick. A friendly and trustworthy staff of experts make up the individuals in the sales and service department.

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Used Mercury Mountaineer 4.0L Engine

Engines for a Mercury Mountaineer are for sale here. The closure of Mercury hurt more than sedan and coupe car buyers. As a variant of the Ford Explorer, the Mountaineer was designed with high hopes in the year 1997. The 5-door SUV design was common by Ford in the late 1990s for its U1 and U2 platform. The final year of production was 2010 although a used Mercury Mountaineer 4.0L engine can be ordered here online.

RWD 4.0L Cologne Engines

The options for the Mercury SUVs were the larger V8 Modular or Windsor and the regular V6. The Mountaineer was designed with its standard rear-wheel drive setup. Two fuel types were created for the 4.0-liter models. The first was non-flex fuel option. This is identified with the VIN E 8th digit (SOHC) specs.

The second is the flex fuel option. The code for this version is VIN K 8th digit. When someone shops for a used condition motor, knowing this piece of data can help. A grand total of 245 cubic inch displacement is found in the Cologne V6 motor blocks. These are not being produced in brand new Ford Motor Company facilities though.

The preowned market is where EFS specializes. Along with terminated Mercury brand blocks, the complete Ford lineup can be viewed using this website. New data is added daily and these pages are curated often.

6-Cylinder SUV Motor Warranty

Any original component that is installed on an automobile can go wrong. Ford has tried to combat issues by fabricating parts in more than one facility. While there is a thorough process of engineering, no company can guarantee that a component will never fail.

To ease minds of consumers considering buying an engine here, a warranty term package is shipped with every crate block. No charges or fees are required to receive this coverage. What is given is a long-term plan that applies strictly to the V6 components on the VIN E or K versions.

4.0-Liter Mountaineer V6 Motor

The quality is high here. All SKU or stamp numbers refer to salvage auto parts. A statewide interchange system is utilized here to control promoted inventory. In just a matter of seconds, any used 4.0-liter Mercury engine on sale here is priced accordingly. Product data is adjusted based on the year, make, model and exterior condition.

Immediate help is provided by a trained and talented components specialist at EnginesforSale.org. The phone number provided is the second most selected option for obtaining all discount pricing. There is no such thing as MAP retail prices on this portal. Each price tag is customized for the public based on individual needs.

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