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Chrysler Aspen 4.7L Engine for Sale

The Aspen by Chrysler used a 4.7L in the 2000 year. This SUV was built in 1998 although had a much smaller motor starting out. The success of placements in the Jeep brand helped to convince consumers that the Magnum V8 was the better option. For almost a four-year period, promotion was booming for the mid-size class. Buy a Chrysler Aspen 4.7L engine for sale here. Our affordable price will never be beat.

VIN P 8th Digit V8

There are 287 cubic inches inside of the Magnum block. When people try to find a replacement, there are two VIN numbers that are most often found. The first is a VIN P 8th digit. This was part of the initial run for Dodge automobiles. The other is a VIN N although it is not quite as popular in a used model. These are usually rebuilt.

Up to 235 horsepower is part of the Aspen specs. With a 3600 RPM limit, there is not much that cannot be done on the road. For towing capacity, it offers plenty of torque. The trick to making sure the factory specs match up is to get a unit with lower mileage.

Preowned Aspen Motors

The Aspen SUV has since been discontinued for production. There are currently no plans to have it be in active manufacturing again. The choice for people seems to be preowned or junky eBay blocks. Sadly, people choose auction sites because they do not live near a junk yard.

Our company has tapped into the largest and most reliable scrap yards selling Chrysler parts in the United States. Through a special arrangement, we get first pick of all inventory. This includes all of the variants of the Chrysler Aspen engine types. We then take this stock and add it to our website for people to place orders.

Warranty for 4.7L V8 Engine

A protection plan must be in place for every sale. We have no idea when an OEM part will just stop working. To cover business, we choose to have a decent package. What is shipped from the major warehouse that we use comes with a coverage plan. Every used Magnum engine has these fees in the listed sale price.

4.7L Aspen SUV Engines

Buy here and save a bunch. That is what we tell people who have not heard of us before. Take a look at our company. We have a customer number. We do not sell on auction sites. Most of the distribution takes place through our Midwest location. It is this kind of setup that attracts buyers of all backgrounds. Quotes in price are just a click away here.

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May 29, 2016   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Dakota 3.9 Engine for Sale

Chrysler built its Dakota truck and used a 3.9L engine first in 1987. For the light-duty market, the V6 was a perfect choice. Dodge was set to compete with both Chevy and Ford right out of the gate. There are 2WD and 4WD pickup trucks that have relied on the LA and Magnum series variants. A used Dodge Dakota 3.9 engine for sale is provided on this website.

Specs of the 3.9-Liter V6

The first models had a carburetor before the multi-point fuel injection systems were developed. The 2bbl was built strong and relied heavily on hydraulic lifters. Simple changes were made in the 1990s and the new edition 3.9L blocks were manufactured. There are 239 cubic inches in all of the various V6 Dakota motors.

There was so much confidence in the Dakota that Dodge transferred the build to the Ram. Additional vehicles were added based on customer satisfaction. Is the 3.9L a reliable motor? The answer is a resounding yes. There are very little if any reported problems nationwide.

Discount Dodge V6 Engines

Consumers have two options: Go into a dealership or go to a salvage yard. This is the struggle that people go through in their minds when a Dakota or other truck motor breaks down. Right off the bat, the retail price will be jacked up through a Chrysler dealership. This is even if a counter clerk wants to help someone find an old V6 to install.

A better solution is here. We take the route of junk yards. We know the inventory is good. What is not wanted is scrapped out for parts. A mileage check reveals just how low our blocks are when it comes to usage. There are too many shady sellers on eBay selling Dakota parts.

Buy 3.9L Engines for a Dakota

You have probably already searched the web for a replacement build. It usually turns up little to be considered. Our advertising is minimal. Through word of mouth, we have helped to dominate orders for replacement Dodge truck engines nationally. There are now thousands of options people can look through when using our computer inventory as a research point.

Get a quote right now without delay. It costs nothing. Just click a button and make it happen. Our team can be reached by telephone at any time. What we will do is introduce our company to you. When you are on the phone, we tabulate how much freight will be if we do not ship out a crate motor for free. The rest as they say is history.

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May 29, 2016   Posted by: Brian Hanson

BMW 525i Engine for Sale

E34 is the code name for the BMW 525i with a 3.0L engine. Installations of this block helped make history for the luxury automakers. The RWD was a feature only provided in the 525i model and not the other cars. There are used options in the U.S. if someone wants to buy a BMW 525i engine for sale. We happen to have these in stock at a good price point.

515i Gas Engine Specs

There was no diesel option in North America for the 2006 or 2007 3.0-liter V6. These were regular gasoline builds that were expertly constructed. Since BMW manufactures luxury automobiles, there is nothing quite like the style and power of the V6.

The most speed someone can get out of the 3.0 is about 215 hp. This might seem low for a V6, but the gearing of the transmission does help out. With a high first gear and having lower other gears, almost any speed combination could be achieved.

Reliable Used BMW Blocks

A blown head, leaking gasket, warped block and other problems can happen. The person who owns a motor just do regular maintenance. It is true that there are failures because of factory constructed parts. What we do know is that we have reliable engines for sale. The ability to test is something that we specialize in daily.

Our machine shop gives us the skills that are needed to verify 525i engine quality. There are plenty of customers who are satisfied with what is offered. There are resources like eBay that are untrusted. Problems need to be fixed before someone sells preowned auto parts.

BMW 525i Warranty for Parts

Most used automobile motors in luxury vehicles are out of warranty. This means the dealership term has lapsed. There are third-party agencies that sell plans, but these often vary too much in pricing. Our company leads the secondary market for sales. We ship more 3.0L blocks than most dealers have regular inventory.

A shipment that leaves our warehouse for another destination has a warranty included. These are the plans that cover nearly 100 percent of what might go wrong. The parts and the labor is the responsibility of the retailer. That is our motto. It is one we stick by. Try us out.

Buy 3.0L Used BMW Engines

Everything we sell comes out of our client scrap yards. These professional yards have millions of parts. We cherry pick through the gasoline blocks and pick up some spare components too. These are inside of our inventory and ready for nationwide shipment. To purchase or get a review or pricing, use the simple tool we provide. In moments, a real price that includes a discount is always given out fairly.

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May 29, 2016   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi Engine for Sale

Jeep installed the 5.7L engine in the Commander in 2005. This was the biggest block available at the time. The infamous Hemi had achieved fame in Dodge vehicles for decades. Putting this into the new version of an SUV proved to be a successful relationship. It is true that a Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi engine for sale is available used on this website.

Specs of the 5.7L V8

The horsepower for this motor is unbelievable. A total of 330 hp for versions built 2005 and later and 357 hp for ones introduced in 2010. This offers non-stop power for a person interesting in going with the much larger V8. Jeep had previously tried out the PowerTech 3.7 and 4.7, but the Hemi was the most regarded installation.

The XK series gasoline engines that are on sale on this website are authentic. These are true builds that were built in Chrysler factories. No one has modified the block configuration. What someone can do with one of these is limitless. One thing we make certain of before selling these to the public is double-checking mileage counts.

Reliable Replacement Jeep Engines

The Commander, Cherokee and Liberty are just some of what is supported in our used OEM inventory. Because we only deal with pullouts, the high expense of a rebuild is not present. There are great organizations in the USA that remanufacture 5.7L motors. We just choose to specialize in preowned, certified used and junk yard finds.

All of the units are reliable. We know this. It is proven through our own assessments. A test for compression does help. It makes sure that no air is leaking. It also takes the strength of the valves and gaskets to the max. Forcing compressed air into a used Jeep engine will make or break it. Fortunately for our company, we have top notch V8 blocks.

SUV Motor Parts Warranty

The term of our coverage policy is a lot longer than fly-by-night companies. Everyone knows that a swap that is only protected for 30 days is a joke. It should be about 180 days or longer. Normal usage will not make a second hand Jeep motor fail. It is when excess conditions are presented that an issue will happen.

Buy Used 5.7L V8 Engines Here

Get your price now. We do not publish a list online, but we moved to a quote computer. This computer takes into consideration more than just a VIN number. We take a look at the model year, the block condition and how far we have to ship a unit. When this is all accomplished, the computer will present the best price possible for our used Jeep Commander engines.

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