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5.4 Lincoln Navigator Engine for Sale

Navigator by Lincoln used a 5.4L Triton V8 engine. This block first appeared in the 1998 year. The camshaft was designed in a DOHC and SOHC build. This was because of the valve differences. While the block was borrowed from the Lincoln brand, Ford knew it had a lot of power. Someone trying to locate a 5.4L Lincoln Navigator engine for sale is shopping on the right website here.

5.4-Liter 2-Valve and 3-Valve

The F-Series trucks were the flagship model in the Ford Motor Company fleet. SUVs like the Expedition and Excursion were manufactured to supply an alternative to pickup trucks. The Lincoln series provided its 24 total valves in V8 form. The single overhead cam option is usually what people find online.

The overall horsepower in each block does change from year to year. The early editions only had 260 hp while the mid 2000 versions boasted more than 310 hp. Checking the performance specs prior to placing an order is the best way to match a block.

Fuel for Triton Navigator Motors

The standard gasoline format was followed with the creation of the 5.4L Triton engine by Lincoln. It was later upgraded to be compatible with Flex Fuel technology. The E85 offering is still quite popular. Luxury sport utility vehicles that are able to take advantage of variable cam shaft timing can use the higher octane fuel.

The 4-valve improved model was referred to as InTech in the Navigator. With a base of 300 horsepower, these 32 total valve blocks are big and bulky. No one usually has any problems working on them though. Used parts are still available to help someone fix one up.

Lincoln Engines from Junk Yards

The difference in a preowned motor compared to a dealer provided one is not always clear. Yes, mileage is important. Some people have a hard time judging just what is good and what is bad. Taking a quick look at the surface rust can help define the abuse a motor has taken. One that is relatively clean has seen little usage.

What is provided to people who use this website is inventory from Lincoln scrap yards in North America. Companies differ when it comes to obtaining what is later resold to the public. does its best to locate and acquire higher than average quality builds for resale.

Replacement Navigator 5.4L Engine

The full-size SUVs are generally good on gas mileage. In order to get a fair price, using the tools we provide on this page can help. Our team has already entered our latest discounts in the computerized system provided. By entering the year and size, a complete block is priced without requiring a phone call.

Should a person want to speak with us, our excellent staff is available. Calling the number we have setup is not difficult. Mileage counts can be discussed as well as delivery to any neighborhood or business. Paying too much for a used Triton V8 motor will never happen here.

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Used 5.4 Expedition Engine

Ford Expedition U platform vehicles used various 5.4L engines. Debuting in the 1999 year, the 16-valve build was a hard act to follow. Coming from the 4.6, people immediately noticed a power surge. People shopping for a replacement motor can easily find inventory here. A used 5.4 Expedition engine is one of our best sellers.

Specs of the 5.4 Block

Ford built the Triton series in Canada. The block is cast iron although the heads are aluminum. The ratio of compression is listed officially as 9:8:1. Although the motor was a single overhead cam, an electronic fuel system was installed.

It does take approximately 6 quarts of oil to fill the pain in a V8 Expedition engine. The early units were rated for a 235 horsepower top speed while the 3-valve had a 310 hp speed. There is a lot of torque available in the 5.4-liter.

Triton: Love it or Hate it

There is steady competition among truck and SUV owners. Some people like the Ram with its Magnum block while others like the Chevy small-block. People who drive Expedition sport utility vehicles have a hidden secret. The 300 CID is pretty big.

Unlike some automaker designs, the Triton V8 has won some awards for quality. As a Ward’s Best List recipient, there is no denying what the 5.4L means in automotive history. Looking at the secondary market to find a replacement takes research from 1999 through the 2014 production year.

Certified Motors with a Warranty

Consumers do not get left behind here. We do not allow it. Taking a punch in the gut is how some people feel buying scrap auto parts. Few units are actually tested. Bogus claims are made in reviews. People have a hard time trusting any retailer. The buck stops at

Our inventory is certified. What this involves is a third-party certification. The very distributors that we tap into to get inventory from certify what is resold. This includes mileage validations. We provide essential specs during the customer ordering process.

Cost to Replace Expedition Engines

People have two options for buying a second hand V8. The first option is to use a mechanic or body shop. These sources will mark up the price by about 30 percent to make money. The second way is to buy direct through a reseller. This is what EFS provides. The cost savings are huge, and a guarantee is always part of the sale.

Using this website, a full spectrum of price details is viewable. All variations of the 5.4L motor by Ford are in stock. Choosing the correct model, based on VIN data, will show the discounted MSRP. Our customer service is USA based. We are able to take quote requests by phone. We provide shipping prices to any destination. These services are free of charge.

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Kia Sportage 2.0L Engine for Sale

The F engine used in the Sportage by Kia was a Mazda built 2.0-liter I4. This model was unveiled in the 1994 year, but not available in the U.S. until a few years later. The blocks were separated into SOHC or DOHC based on the market demand. What a person searching for a Kia Sportage 2.0L engine should know is these are for sale at

Beta II Kia SUV Motors

An upgrade to the original platform made it possible to experiment with new technologies. Kia, along with Hyundai, began to improve the blocks in sedan and sport utility vehicles. The Beta II 2.0-liter series was commonly found in the 5-door vehicles.

The Second Generation and Third Generation Sportage was manufactured with the updated I4. The official specs reveal that three transmissions work with the Sportage engines. A regular 4-speed, a higher gear 5-speed and a 6-speed gearbox.

The Beta II versions were sold with a four-wheel drive or a front-wheel drive configuration. This is now standard on all late model editions at Kia. While the Sportage is known for a good powertrain, the used motors for sale at this website are still in top condition.

2.0L Kia Four-Cylinder

Although a V6 was later produced, consumers who end up shopping at this website have a pick of more than one block. By using a VIN number or the actual production year, what is acquired through junk yard business can be reviewed. When known, the mileage and terms of a warranty are always given to a potential buyer.

The warranty period is always a concern for a customer. In used to be standard when selling auto parts to provide a 90-day policy. To make things better for purchasers, a two-year period is generally given after orders are completed. This goes for all used Kia Sportage SUV engines.

Complete 2.0L Kia Sportage Blocks

To submit a quote request, tap into the tool displayed here. In just a matter of seconds, a the best sale price is given. This can be reviewed on this page or by test message as well. Someone with a strong intent to buy can then follow through with a web or offline purchase.

Complaints about received inventory are very few. Great control is administered when acquiring from secondary sources. Rust levels are noted and mileage is recorded. Being as honest as possible when selling replacement engines for Kia Sportage keeps people happier.

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4.0 Liter Jeep Crate Engine for Sale

The 4.0L is V6 engine used in a Jeep SUV. These can be purchased at this website. When shopping the preowned parts market, getting your hands on a quality unit is important. There are thousands of companies selling Chrysler automotive components. Price is not everything, but it does feel good to get a deal. A used 4.0 liter Jeep crate engine is for sale here online.

OEM AMC I6 Jeep Motor Specs

The 242 cubic inch displacement found in the block of the 4.0L was powerful. A total range of 177 to 190 horsepower was noticed by auto owners. AMC developed this build in the spring of 1986. An instant hit was discovered and production continued after Chrysler bought the resale rights.

Cherokee, Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee, Comanche and Wrangler all utilized the 4.0-liter. The base RPM range was 4500 although 4750 was the high mark of the performance. By the mid 1990s, the compression was hitting 8:8:1. This was a major improvement to the block.

Recycled Jeep Crate Engines

What car dealerships sell used engines? The easy answer is zero. Due to warranty problems, many dealers refuse to retail used products. This leaves a black hole for consumers. The usual method to acquire a Jeep crate motor in used condition is to contact a salvage yard. has already completed this hard work.

Nothing listed here is refurbished. What this means is no changes were made to the stock configuration. People appreciate this fact. A preowned build that has fewer miles than most eBay or Craigslist models is what is for sale at EFS.

4.0L Jeep Cherokee Replacement Engines

Any of the mid 1980s to 2006 Jeep vehicles that use the 4.0 motor can accept inventory here. The sale pricing is right. The quality of customer service is high. No one leaves here unhappy. The best part about finding a block that has low mileage is to find out shipping is free of charge. For many companies, a lift gate service is provided.

Entering the quotes database on this website will reveal updated MSRP. Using a VIN or model year, anyone with a basic understanding of auto parts can place an order. There is no sticker shock here. People are well informed of what to pay ahead of time. By calling the service number, a rep can help process orders or distribute more information.

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