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February 24, 2013   Posted by: Brian Hanson

F150 Ecoboost Engine

F150 Ecoboost EngineFord Motor Company created its Ecoboost motor in 2009 as a way to preserve fuel efficiency. The larger engine sizes like the V8, V10 and V12 require larger fuel capacity to operate. In an effort to get more miles per gallon, the F150 Ecoboost engine was born and inserted into pickup trucks. This preservation of fuel economy does not reduce the power or torque offered. This provides an advantage over the Triton, Essex and other motor types used by Ford. This motor is found for sale here at enginesforsale.org for the discount price that can be hard to find online.

The F150 edition of the Ecoboost design is offered in the 3.5 Duratec series. This motor is the same used for some of the SUVs and sedans that have been produced by Ford. The maximum horsepower that is available in this engine offers drivers the performance expected. As a competitor to GM engines, this F series design has helped increase sales of the F150 in the past decade. The preowned units that are sold from this company arrive directly from distributors supplying dealerships. This helps keep the quality high and ensures that OEM value is in place.

F150 Ecoboost Engine with a Warranty

Used motors rarely are packaged with a protection like a warranty. Many high mileage units lack the coverage that owners of vehicles desire. Replacing a motor with another high mileage unit can prevent reliability. The majority of preowned engines that are in stock in our inventory come with protection. This warranty extension is our way of helping customers receive higher quality and longevity. Each installation of the preowned motor that comes from our Ford inventory is guaranteed. This is to help installers and owners of pickups and SUVs that order motors from our Duratec and Ecoboost inventory.

Shipments are just as important on the secondary market as the quality of the engine. A delayed or lengthy shipment can hurt installation companies and damage reputations. Our company has taken away the problems found through other sellers. The expediting of shipping happens at our company at no cost to buyers. This means the used Ford engines that are distributed come without shipping fees. This is one effort now used to lower all prices for our inventory. Shipping from one coast to another is easier and faster with our policies. These measures now help owners of vehicles and companies purchasing through our inventory. The 3.5 V6 and other sizes currently shipped from our warehouse arrive damage free due to inspections and handling by the freight team.

F150 Ecoboost Engine Online Price Quote

At the top of every page of this website, the quote system can be found that requires a single click to receive pricing. This form has been developed exclusively for customers of this company to use. The information that is distributed with the use of this form comes from our engine specialists. These experts match information submitted to our database to ensure accurate quotes are presented. A toll-free number is also included as an alternative to receiving pricing and answers to questions.

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