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July 23, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Used Ford Focus 2.0 Engine

Used Ford Focus 2.0 EngineFord Focus is one of the highest selling cars for Ford. The Focus was produced in 1999 and is still going strong today. Many different models have been produced. The one thing that has always been consistent is the quality of the motor. From the Zetec to the Duratec, we have theused Ford Focus 2.0 engine that you demand. Getting a used engine can be a little scary these days without a good supplier online. We help business owners and regular people find the used engine for sale they demand. A quality motor is a reality here and you’ll never pay what those other guys charge you to own it. 

There are other motors in stock here that fit the Focus. The 2.0 and the 2.4 are most commonly sold. You can find both of these motors for the price that is not as high as you thought it would be. There are plenty of used engine sellers online. What we are is more like a partner. We partner with suppliers to give us engines that we sell. We then partner with customers that expect high quality during an engine swap or engine replacement. It works out pretty well. The 2.0 engine is one of our best sellers and what this page is dedicated to.

Used Ford Focus 2.0 Engine

Do you guys have a warranty? We get that question two out of five times. We do offer a warranty for all of the Ford used engines that are sold. We ship mostly to U.S. customers and this is the region of the world where we warranty what is shipped out. Have you seen those 30-day warranties online? Aren’t those pathetic? What we do is pick up where the OEM warranty runs out. This provides and extension of the natural coverage. The fear of driving a Focus without warranty coverage is not something you will experience at our company. There is a reason that eBay engines are low quality. What we buy comes from authorized sellers that share in our belief of giving the best 2.0 engines for sale. 

Do we do testing? That’s another question that is asked. We absolutely do testing and inspections here. The Focus motors that arrive here are already checked out by our suppliers. We love them but don’t take their word all of the time. We are honest people and want to go over engines ourselves. The 4-cylinder design of the Focus is easy for our mechanics here to navigate around. Everything is meticulously checked for internal and external damage or wear. We match great engines with great people around the country. Engine condition is certainly one of our strong points here apart from the super pricing we provide. 

Used Ford Focus 2.0 Engine Quote

The low price you want is literally just a couple of seconds away. The 2.0 Focus engine price quote form we built is so simple to use its almost criminal. The inventory levels and pricing are always up to date. Get your Ford quote right now.  You can then call us at 888-284-3591. We’ll discuss more details with you or get started shipping an engine out to you today. 






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