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December 6, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Jeep Patriot Engine

Jeep Engine on SaleJeep Patriot is one of the newest versions of this SUV series. The Patriot is known for several changes compared with the Compass and other newer editions. The small size of this vehicle is one change. The fuel efficiency is another. Perhaps the biggest change is the smaller size of the motor. Instead of the V6 or V8 Jeep is known for, a smaller 2.0 or 2.4 four-cylinder engine is offered. You’ll find the Jeep Patriot engine for sale that you demand inside our current stock. Get the best Jeep specs and pricing online at http://www.enginesforsale.org.

Since the Patriot is smaller in size, the option of 4×4 does not come standard. A front-wheel drive version is the base model and those that have the 4×4 version usually get the 2.4 engine. What all of this means is that we can offer you the motor you want. You won’t spend any time trying to find a price you can live with. Let our engine experts put together a shipment for you that is low in price and arrives quickly to your location. It’s simple to get a Jeep motor from a company that cares about you and your installation.

Jeep Patriot Engine in Stock

Since we buy motors from various dealers, stock issues are not something common you’ll experience from our company. We know that things go in and out of stock from other websites. What we promise to those that purchase Jeep 2.0 or 2.4 motors is a full inventory. The approximate inventory that we hold is always checked for accuracy. We verify simple things like mileage and exterior condition. This is just the basics of the engine evaluations that we complete. Getting a product of value in the preowned industry can be tough. We eliminate the issues that seem to plague other companies. This is how we’ve built our customer assurance.

The Chrysler based and Global Engineering motors you’ll find here give you the full horsepower that you’d expect. A used engine does not have to mean it is less quality. Our partnerships have helped us to build this company into something special. You’ll find that our inventory is simple to browse. You’ll notice quickly that our warranties come standard with every in stock motor we sell. You’ll even notice how fast we send out engines when they’re shipped. We’re loyal to the Jeep engine brand. We know the Patriot and other Chrysler based engines we carry won’t let you down. We constantly improve our inventory and buying patterns to give customers the most choices for buying engines online.

Jeep Patriot Engine Quotes Online

A quote here from our company is one that comes with pride. Our specialists research your requested information. We know it’s accurate. We double check our end to ensure you’re always getting the lowest price and highest value. Call toll free and speak with us today. We’ll get you setup with a 2.4 or 2.0 motor quickly. You can get prices from the quote system you’ll find on the top of every engine page. We’re always developing new ways you can save big.




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