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March 6, 2013   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Passat TDI Engine

Passat TDI EngineThe Passat was first created in the 1970s as a compact vehicle. Design and engineering over the next two decades helped VW to created a mid-size sedan. The 1993 year was the introduction of the TDI engine series. Volkswagen is known for its diesel engines worldwide. The Turbo Direct Injection series has helped increase the torque, fuel efficiency and horsepower. Our Passat TDI engine inventory holds this series of motors that customers demand. The http://enginesforsale.org company was built on offering hard to locate motors for a discount price. This strategy remains in place today.

Finding gasoline motors is relatively easy. Most automakers produce gasoline variants. Since Volkswagen is a primary manufacturer of diesel motors, locating replacements for these types can be difficult. Our VW inventory has increased over the past two years. Along with the 1.6 and higher Passat engines, our company supplies motors for other popular VW vehicles. Strictly purchasing from reputable distributors improves our quality. Buyers know that preowned motors have high mileage. We help ease the minds of buyers with our low mileage blocks. The resources used to acquire motors provide an immediate difference. These are not auction style engines. These are pullouts, overstocks and other types to satisfy low mileage requirements from customers.

Passat TDI Engine Preowned and Tested

What is a preowned motor? Many used engines have little resale value after installation. The preowned motors that are found for sale here are above average condition. This means the blocks are clean. Our team certifies the condition. Engines are always checked upon delivery. These efforts are necessary for high quality. The VW distributors used to supply our inventory ensure our customers are happy. The testing and evaluations used here are expert level. This means that no engine leaves our warehouse untested. Our Volkswagen Passat TDI motors give long-term value.

Engines with free shipping are found here. We’ve removed shipment prices. This helps please more customers. This move also lowers the replacement costs. It’s not cheap to find a used VW motor. Our company manages pricing and shipments better than most. The free shipping for our engines is applied during the purchase process. The free freight program is explained with every quote. There are no TDI engine import fees. Getting a reliable replacement is always fast here. Shipments are not slower because they’re free. Our team expedites VW motor shipments daily. Owners of Passat vehicles, mechanics and others purchase from us. The value and warranty attached are exclusive to our company.

Passat TDI Engine Prices Online

Sample our pricing through our quote system. This system is one of the easiest to use online. Two clicks of your mouse and you’re through. What you’re given is a low retail price. Our customers can also call and get phone assistance. We even pay for the call. Our VW engine specialists are ready to help. Get immediate VIN number matching. You can ask any questions. It’s easy to get the service level you expect here. Don’t wait for a TDI engine quote elsewhere. Get one instantly here.

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