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May 29, 2016   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Dakota 3.9 Engine for Sale

Chrysler built its Dakota truck and used a 3.9L engine first in 1987. For the light-duty market, the V6 was a perfect choice. Dodge was set to compete with both Chevy and Ford right out of the gate. There are 2WD and 4WD pickup trucks that have relied on the LA and Magnum series variants. A used Dodge Dakota 3.9 engine for sale is provided on this website.

Specs of the 3.9-Liter V6

The first models had a carburetor before the multi-point fuel injection systems were developed. The 2bbl was built strong and relied heavily on hydraulic lifters. Simple changes were made in the 1990s and the new edition 3.9L blocks were manufactured. There are 239 cubic inches in all of the various V6 Dakota motors.

There was so much confidence in the Dakota that Dodge transferred the build to the Ram. Additional vehicles were added based on customer satisfaction. Is the 3.9L a reliable motor? The answer is a resounding yes. There are very little if any reported problems nationwide.

Discount Dodge V6 Engines

Consumers have two options: Go into a dealership or go to a salvage yard. This is the struggle that people go through in their minds when a Dakota or other truck motor breaks down. Right off the bat, the retail price will be jacked up through a Chrysler dealership. This is even if a counter clerk wants to help someone find an old V6 to install.

A better solution is here. We take the route of junk yards. We know the inventory is good. What is not wanted is scrapped out for parts. A mileage check reveals just how low our blocks are when it comes to usage. There are too many shady sellers on eBay selling Dakota parts.

Buy 3.9L Engines for a Dakota

You have probably already searched the web for a replacement build. It usually turns up little to be considered. Our advertising is minimal. Through word of mouth, we have helped to dominate orders for replacement Dodge truck engines nationally. There are now thousands of options people can look through when using our computer inventory as a research point.

Get a quote right now without delay. It costs nothing. Just click a button and make it happen. Our team can be reached by telephone at any time. What we will do is introduce our company to you. When you are on the phone, we tabulate how much freight will be if we do not ship out a crate motor for free. The rest as they say is history.

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March 18, 2013   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Hemi Engines

Dodge Hemi EngineDodge first created the Hemi in the 1960s. This motor battled Ford and Chevrolet during the muscle car era. Chrysler revamped this V8 motor in the early 2000s. The Charger, Magnum, Jeep Wrangler and other vehicles in the Dodge inventory used the Hemi technology. Buying Dodge Hemi engines is one way to receive a better value. These motors offer a better replacement compared with a new motor. This resource is one of the best online to use for used engines. From initial value to long-term coverage, each preowned motor sold here makes customers happy.

There are several variants of the V8 engine series. The 5.7 is one of the most used engines in the Dodge family. This motor is rated at well above 350 hp. It has received a respectful run since 2003. What customers find purchasing our inventory is more than a cheap price. Internal inspection processes completed here help raise our quality. Customers make no mistake ordering here. These are not auction motors. Our company contracts with distributors. Each motor brought here for sale has a right to be here. The quality, mileage and overall dependability exceed installation expectations.

Dodge Hemi Engines Free Shipping

Hundreds of dollars are spent shipping a motor from one state to another. Many customers are surprised ordering an engine for the first time. Each V8 Dodge motor sold from our company is shipped free. We remove shipping costs for customers. We do this for two reasons. The first reason is quality. We sell higher quality motors. This helps us to give more incentives. The second reason is that most sellers do not remove shipping costs. We shipped free to be different. It is this type of thinking that has helped us build our company. The used engines for sale listed on this website are all sent for no cost.

Finding a Hemi engine is only half the battle. The installation is equally important. Even if mistakes are not made by mechanics, some engine types can fail after install. The inclusion of a Dodge warranty is one way we take care of these issues. Most companies forget about a warranty. Our company always secures warranties. We understand protection. Customers do not have to go through warranty troubles. Everything in our policy protects customers. Each Dodge warranty is underwritten by our company. We calculate the engine age, mileage and other factors when determining warranty length. We are usually able to provide 24 months of protection.

Dodge Hemi Engines Low Prices

We are not ashamed to promote discount prices. A low price is in no way a reflection of our quality. Pricing is simple to generate here online. One or two clicks of our quote submission form will generate the pricing requested. This means a Dodge quote can be displayed within seconds. The same speed of delivery is offered through our toll-free phone number. We pay for all calls into our company. We support every customer before and after a sale is finished. Obtaining a quote is easy and always accurate through our company.

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November 19, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Magnum Engine

3.9 Dodge EngineDodge upgraded its engine series in the early 1990s after taking some engineering from Jeep. The newly coined Magnum engine was based on the retired LA series base. The smallest of the Magnum motors was the 3.9. This was primarily used in smaller pickup trucks that did not use the larger V8 series. We sell the Dodge Magnum engine for what we believe to be the lowest price possible online. It won’t take much work to get the low pricing you’ve been hoping to find on the Internet here at this engine website.

The Magnum series was used throughout the 1990s as one of the performance engines for Dodge. The Chrysler design and development that went into making this series what it became helped the Magnum gain popularity. The push that Dodge has made from the year 2000 until the current decade is due in part to the success of the Magnum V8 series. We’re one of few companies on the Internet today that offers preowned engines in the Magnum series for sale. It can be hard to locate a good price on these motors offline. We give our customers access to our huge inventory of preowned motors.

Dodge Magnum Engine Specs 

The specs that are part of what we sell do not get modified. The motors that are purchased and ultimately shipped out remain genuine. Since these are preowned, they’ve been pulled straight from operational vehicles. This means that they are ready for installation immediately upon receipt. We work hard inside of our facility to ensure all engines get shipped instantly after they are ordered. This effort is one of the ways that we eliminate delays in the freight transit period. We’ve experimented with incentives like free shipping for in stock motors. This is another way we’ve innovated our used engines for sale company.

You have your choice of the 3.9, 5.2 or 5.9 series engine. What comes with the one that you select is an engine warranty. We understand the process of putting together a warranty package. We also know that auction websites rarely have engines that are warranted by the seller. We do things differently because we have one of the largest Chrysler based inventories currently online. It doesn’t matter if you install these in a Durango, Jeep or other vehicle. These are guaranteed to work and they work very well. Getting used motors that can last for an extended period of time is not a rare thing here. All that is sold is warranted, shipped fast and ready for you to install upon arrival. We’re one of the top providers to body shops, mechanics and salvage related companies in the U.S.

Dodge Magnum Engine Quotes 

A quote can be obtained instantly from this website. We use a simple click form that provides pricing to you fast. Enter your information inside of the quote system. We check it immediately for errors. What you’re given in return is our lowest online price. If you call by phone, you can speak one-on-one with our engine team. You’re offered the same low pricing. Contact us right now.





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September 8, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Used Dodge Stratus Engines

used-dodge-stratus-enginesDodge Stratus was a sedan produced by Chrysler between 1995 and 2006. The 11-year production run of the Stratus was one that included higher than average sales figures for Dodge. The sedan market had been ruled by Ford for much of the 1980s and 1990s and Chrysler designed its Stratus to be a fierce competitor. The crossover appeal of this luxury sedan and the sleek exterior attracted buyers from all parts of the U.S. and Canada. You’ll find that our prices for used Dodge Stratus engines are more than just competitive. The pricing we’re able to offer is designed to be the best on the Internet.

Chrysler did experiment with several engines during production of the Stratus. The 1990s were a time of change in the automobile industry and Chrysler was topping the sales charts. Sales of the Neon helped bring Dodge to a new level of success. Right behind the Neon was the Stratus and Intrepid. The engines that were put inside of the Stratus included the 2.0, 2.4 and 2.5. These were the first through third generations. Chrysler did use the Mitsubishi base V6 in the final year of production of the Stratus as an upgrade. You don’t have to worry about if the engine you want is in stock here.

Used Dodge Stratus Engines

We don’t keep secrets from our customers. We’re honest about engine condition here. We inform all buyers about the quality of used engines they can find here. Educating our customers before a sale is completed is best. Customers appreciate that we go to extra lengths to find engines that are low in mileage. It can be a challenge to get early 1990s Chrysler engines that have low miles but we do it. Distributors that we have engine contracts with let us know when quality motors are found. We’re usually the first notified and our buyers have their pick at the best of the best motors available.

The 4-cylinder engines that are found here get inspected before we do anything involving a sale. We hired a complete Dodge mechanic staff that takes part in evaluations and engine tests. Keeping quality high and prices low is challenging for any business. This is why we go through so many steps before engines are shipped to customers. We’re absolutely sure when something is shipped that it is completely worth the effort. It seems as this theory is not used as much with other sellers that can be found online. Things like warranties and expert customer service have helped us build our company into something customers can trust.

Used Dodge Stratus Engines Price Quotes 

Call our engine staff right now and get a low price quote. You won’t be kept on the phone and we’re not trying to close a sale. Call us at 888-284-3591. Our staff will assist you professionally and promptly. Get online quotes too from this website. Use our form for quotes we provide and you won’t have to call. Choose what works the best for you and get your low price instantly.



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August 30, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Used Dodge Dakota Engines

Used Dodge Dakota EnginesDodge Dakota was created in the mid 1980s to be a step up from the offerings of Ford and Chevy. The compact pickup truck market satisfied drivers but more power was requested. Dodge entered the mix with its higher horsepower engines. A series of 4-cylinder engines were soon upgraded to V6 and V8 offerings. The Dakota was produced until 2011 when it was retired by Dodged. Our used Dodge Dakota engines that we have for sale are always in great condition for buyers. We’re one of few dealers that can combine a huge inventory with sale prices each day of the year.

Four generations of the Dakota were produced up until the 2011 year. Most of the changes that took place were to the exterior of each pickup truck. The engines were usually upgraded although not with every passing year. Testing and development by Dodge engineers is one of the things that made the Dakota a fierce competitor to Ford and Chevrolet pickups. Few trucks have been able to accomplish what the Dakota did during its production lifespan. We sell used Dodge engines for prices that are purely unbeatable from the Internet. Our team has some of the strongest relationships possible with top wholesalers and distributors of Dodge engines in the U.S.

Used Dodge Dakota Engines

We sell both the Powertech and Magnum Dodge engines. These are typically 3.7, 3.9, 4.7, 5.2 and 5.9 displacements. These engines are strictly OEM and have all genuine parts. We get these engines removed from absolutely clean vehicles. We do our best to find the vehicles that have the lowest mileage possible. We have the engines taken out and this is what is sent to us for sale. We’re able to offer low pricing on our engines due in part to savvy buying skills. We frequently purchase containers full of used engines. These are the ones distributed to our junkyard, salvage and other commercial customers. We can lower the price due to this method of buying used engines.

When it comes to pickup truck warranties, there are no other dealers that offer warranties like we do. It is pretty much standard in the used engine business to forget about getting warranty protection. Most sellers make a quick buck and you’re left with a beat up engine six months later. Because our quality is so high, we always have warranties with what we sell. This makes it simple to get the assurance that you’re buying something valuable. Our Dodge engines for sale might be used but they’re in really good shape. We’ve already completed testing and physical inspections ahead of time. What arrives to customers is an engine ready for installation.

Used Dodge Dakota Engines Pricing 

Since pricing for used engines can vary elsewhere, we’ve really simplified the work of getting our prices. You can get a Dodge engine quote online or by calling us by phone. To get online quotes choose the year for the engine you need. You’re instantly greeted with our sale pricing, warranty terms and offers for free shipping. Calling our experts at 888-284-3591 will get you a phone quote just as fast.



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August 23, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Used Dodge Aries Engines

Used Dodge Aries EnginesDodge Aries was created by Chrysler in the 1980s in an effort to help with bankruptcy recovery. The Aries was the Dodge version of the K car design. The Plymouth version was labeled as the Reliant. Each of the cars got the attention of drivers worldwide and millions were sold during their production runs. There was no secret behind the quality of the Aries. It was built solid and had a fuel efficient motor. We have used Dodge Aries engines that are ready for quick sale to any U.S. destination. Get what you need here at

The Chrysler K engine platform was one of its shining achievements. Not only did these engine sell into the millions, they were produced for two decades. This makes them much easier to get preowned. This is one reason that our company decides to sell the K Chrysler engines. Both the 2.2 and the 2.5 versions were popular. What most drivers appreciate is the horsepower and fuel efficiency. Chrysler knows how to create economical engines that last for a long time in a vehicle. The Dodge used engines for sale we carry will not let you down. These engines are shipped to all 50 U.S. states to a lot of happy car owners.

Used Dodge Aries Engines

You’ll find quickly that our company cares more about customers than our company profits. Nothing is sold or warranted that we don’t value. Engines that are bought by our talented team are valuable. These engines are valuable in terms of low mileage and cleanliness. Finding a clean engine in used shape online is one of the most challenging feats you will come up against. There are plenty of rust buckets sold. What you are searching for most likely is a clean engine that you can depend on daily. Our engines give you the difference you’ve been trying to find in search engines online.

You can fear buying a used engine online that does not have a warranty with it. You won’t have that same fear here. Our Dodge used engines are always covered. The reason we are so selective choosing 4-cylinder engines is because we warranty them. Few dealers offer anything more than a short term warranty. We check engines out that we buy to ensure they give customers the long life they demand. A used engine that can accept as many as an additional 100,000 miles is a great thing. Constantly fixing up an engine is not. Our engines for sale from our website give you the alternative in the engine world you can count on for an Internet seller.

Used Dodge Aries Engines Pricing 

Calling our Dodge engine team at 888-284-3591 will get you started. We give quotes promptly over the phone. You get to speak with a passionate automotive specialist not a secretary. Our experts ensure your guaranteed satisfaction. If you want online pricing, get it from the quote from located on top of this page. It’s equally fast and will provide detailed information about our warranty, free shipping and other important terms.




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July 19, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Neon Engines for Sale

Dodge Neon Engines for SaleDodge Neon helped put Chrysler back on the map for quality passenger cars. Several cars came and went quickly in the Chrysler inventory. The Daytona, LeBaron, Sundance, Shadow and the Colt could not outperform the Neon. The low price of the Neon and its reliable 2.0L engine helped push its sales figures upward. We are one of the best resources online to find Dodge Neon engines for sale that are not beat up or missing parts. Our low price is something that stands for quality. If you are buying from a salvage, junkyard or warranty center, we can help place you with the Neon engine you need quickly.

The SOHC 2.0L is the base motor that is included with all Neons. An engine upgrade was offered in 1995 shortly after the Neon was produced. The size of the engine remained the same at 2.0L although a DOHC version known as the Magnum was installed. This upped the horsepower and become an alternative. Other Dodge vehicles like the Stratus used the SOHC engine as its basic engine. Notable production years for the Neon were 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2005. Most of the popularity comes from different sport models, trims and other amenities that Chrysler experimented with to entice buyers. Nevertheless we keep a good stock of used 2.0L Neon engines for sale.

Dodge Neon Engines for Sale

You can see that we take pride in selling a Neon engine. The phrase used might be linked to the engines we sell although the condition doesn’t appear to be used. We base buying Dodge engines on many quality and condition factors. We are not impressed at first with the exterior appearance of engines. We know that dirt and sludge are two things hard to avoid with almost 2-decade old engines. Our suppliers do excellent work sending us great engines to work with. Warranty issues are not something that we go through here. We believe we avoid warranty problems because we always find the lowest mileage motors that can be resold.

The cost of moving engines in and out of our warehouse is not a factor in our price. You won’t find a Neon engine here that has a shipping cost attached to it. We try to provide free shipping on most engines in our warehouse. If we can’t, our quote form will let you know. Every little extra discount helps. The standard process of selling Dodge engines means not to discount the price. Others dealers do this but we do not. We discount as much as we can from the selling price. We keep engines cheap this way. We don’t lose money since we buy multiple engines. The Neon is such an in-demand vehicle that our supply gets us busy.

Dodge Neon Engines for Sale Price Quotes 

If you’re doing a Neon engine swap or replacement, we know your time is probably limited. We have eliminated the waiting periods that so many dealers make you go through. The form on this site is how our engine price is sent out. Try it now. You will see how easy this form is for you to use 24/7. You can even call 888-284-3591. Let us set you up with a used Neon engine with a low price tag.

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Used Dodge Ram Engines

Used Dodge Ram EnginesDodge Ram is the Chrysler Group’s best-selling pickup truck. The success of the Ram is mostly attributed to its newer Magnum V6 or V8 series engines. The Ram was first introduced in 1981 and has undergone many changes since then. The older slant V6 engines have given way to the newer breed. The Magnum is here to stay and Dodge Ram owners can buy these engines here. We are a mega supplier of used Dodge Ram engineson the Internet. You can be a salvage company, junkyard, dealership or average Joe. We will sell to you at the same price. You can always count on us for used engine quality.

The second generation Ram 1500 is another Ram engine we carry. This early ’90s engine was produced for 7 years. While other automakers sales decline, Dodge has always reigned supreme. At times in history Dodge flip-flops back and forth in the top spot. We don’t carry Dodge motors to boost our inventory. We purchase these engines for sale because our customers want them. You might be unaware just how many engines we ship daily. We supply some of the largest dealerships, salvage yards and junkyards in the 50 U.S. states. Our company is here to stay.

Used Dodge Ram Engines

The Ram is built tough. What you don’t get to see is the inside of the engine. We lay eyes on these daily. We pay an entire staff of employees to buy engines. The personal relationships, personal trips and phone calls that are made help us to help you. We secure these Dodge engines for the right price. There is nothing standing in the way with us. We locate engines and we get them. We process engine requests and we buy engines. It’s a simple philosophy but one important to our company. Ram engines you can’t find on this website are likely in our inventory. We constantly add new engines to this site everyday. Since we are a trusted Ram engine supplier, we work with hundreds of businesses and individuals that buy engines for sale.

Is quality a problem with your current engine provider? It does happen. Customers that are making the switch from another dealer are welcome here. We respect you. We respect your company and customers. We care about what is put into your Ram. We act as if we will be using the engines we sell. We want them to work and look great. Our passion is fueled not by profits. We want to do a perfect job every time with every order. We attach warranties with the V6 and V8 Ram engines we send out. This means no problems or worries.

Used Dodge Ram Engines Price Quote 

Price quotes are what starts the ball rolling here. Our services don’t stop at a quote. Use the form on this page. It gives out Ram quotes automatically. Go ahead and call our staff at 888-284-3591. We can help you better understand our inventory. You might have questions about free shipping or warranty length. Whatever it is we can help. You’ll get to experience the difference.


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July 8, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Intrepid Engine

Dodge Intrepid Engine | Used Dodge EnginesDodge Intrepid was a big part of Chrysler for over 11 years. Since most cars get a 1 or 2 year production run, the over a decade presence of the Intrepid made it something special. The sedan market was pretty saturated in the early 1990s and many of the vehicles on the market did not last. Dodge created the Intrepid to cater to people that wanted a sedan that did not look much like a sedan. The sleek look of the Intrepid helped boost its popularity. The 2.7L engine inside of the Dodge Intrepid engine was already famous at the time. We carry these engines in our inventory because they are dependable and we price them right.

The V6 power of the 2.7L engine was partly why consumers responded well to the Intrepid. Dodge knew that most sedans on the market used the 4-cylinder engine because of its fuel benefits. The 2.7L was a fuel efficient version that offered more horsepower. Dodge had previously used this engine in the Concorde and this served as the testing grounds for the Intrepid. Chrysler did end up marketing the Intrepid in some markets around the world. The legacy of the 2.7L engine lives on each day inside of our warehouse.

OEM Quality Dodge Intrepid Engine

You can get stuck buying used engines on the Internet. We don’t like the fact that the word used engine has some negative connotations with its use. We don’t have any issues with used engines under our control. What happens is that some people find an engine online that was sold by a seller that could have cared less about quality. There are a few horror stories about the quality of used engines online but these are not related to our company. We supply businesses and average people with quality 2.7L engines for sale. In our inventory, we do have other Intrepid engines that are offered. These are also in the same condition as the 2.7L and ready to ship fast.

Dodge did put out the 3.2L and larger 3.5L engines. This are the first generation of the Intrepid although engines from 1998 and later have become more in demand. What you do not have to do is search around for a better inventory or price. We put months of planning behind each engine that is acquired for sale here. We find the best wholesalers and engine distributors in the country. We make a deal to buy a lot of engines at one time. We are able to build our inventory quickly and do it without the high cost that dealers buying single engines run into. You have an engine problem and we have the solution in our warehouse.

Dodge Intrepid Engine Price Quotes

You found our website and you want to know more about our pricing. This part is very easy. All you need to do is click the Dodge Intrepid engine quote form we use on this website. What this form does is generate your instant price. We are usually able to offer free shipping and a warranty too. You can call 888-284-3591 and get more information or a quote on the phone.



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July 6, 2012   Posted by: Brian Hanson

Dodge Ram 1500 Engine

Dodge Ram 1500 Engine | Engines for Sale DodgeDodge Ram is Chrysler’s biggest seller in history. The Ram 1500 was introduced in 1994 to worldwide acclaim. Although this truck was produced only 7 years, there are millions of them that were sold and many types of engines were used inside. Dodge has never been an automaker that force-feeds buyers the same engines year after year. When you buy a Dodge Ram, you get more than one Dodge Ram 1500 engine selection and this is part of the reason that the 1500 was so popular. Over four different displacements of the Magnum engine were offered as well as a diesel engine version. The best price is always what you find here at

The different engines that you can buy from us include the 3.9, 4.7, 5.2, 5.9 and the larger 8.3. We try to specialize in all of the most popular Ram engines to give the most variety. The great thing about our used engines is that we do not settle for just any motor. What you don’t know is that our staff continuously works to locate Dodge engines without the most common types of errors. It is understandable that an engine that is more than 10 years old will have some cosmetic flaws. What is not understandable is how some dealers think that anything with a price tag is considered a good deal. From the way we buy to how much we pay for engines affects all of our customers.

OEM Dodge Ram 1500 Engine

Getting something original does not have to be a lost art in the auto industry. As one manufacturing plant closes down, another one is built that sells more aftermarket parts. To keep things genuine in our inventory, we locate and purchase original equipment engines. It is definitely much cheaper to buy crate engines or aftermarket engines that are not a genuine Dodge product. We have found that doing this misrepresents the legacy of Dodge. We made the best decision when we started selling nothing except OEM engines and have not looked back since. We appreciate the compliments and satisfaction that customers give us for this decision.

Getting the Magnum or other engine you need for a Ram is not a complicated thing here. Our genuine engines line the shelves of our warehouse and every single engine is immediately shipped when ordered. There is no waiting or going through a third party first. What we sell comes from our own inventory and not from a different company. We put the time investment required into making our business one of the best online. Because we have discounted engines for sale, we end up selling a lot of these to junkyard and salvage type business in the U.S.

Dodge Ram 1500 Engine Online Quotes 

We have a real online quoting system that you can use. We don’t email you or ask for any personal information. A quote is only the first stage of a potential order and we know that. Use the Dodge Ram 1500 quote form we built for you to use. It is easy to call our experts if you require assistance. Just dial 888-284-3591 and we’re here to promptly help you. Get the used engine for the price you are comfortable paying.

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